Accueil / Street Marketing Agency, Michel et Augustin and The American Dream !

Street Marketing Agency, Michel et Augustin and The American Dream !

Interview about the Street Marketing operation of Michel Et Augustin by Street Marketing Agency in New-York. Professor Aparajit was the responsable of this operation and the directive of the video.


Hi Sir, How are you? Thanks for taking the time for this interview

Thank you and I am doing fantastic. It is my pleasure to give you this interview.

 Michel et Augustin is gaining success on the American market. You had the chance to organize a Street Marketing operation in Times Square to promote this brand. Could you tell me more about this event?

True, today the brand recognizes two bananas (their office name) in France, one in NYC, more than 30 million turnover and a growth of over 30%. In marketing, mainly in communication, it is sesame specialists are happy to highlight. Humour is the guarantee of a good reception from the public. They incorporate new, innovative and creative marketing and communication techniques to showcase their products to public. This is where street marketing™ comes in as both the companies does new, creative and innovative marketing.
The operation is very simple yet welcoming and fun! People at Times Square were simply stopped to read a flip board saying « J’aime les gâteaux Michel et Augustin » which in English translated as « I like nibbling Michel et Augustin cookies ». As Times Square is a multi-cultural place, with tourists and locals enjoying their time, it was a perfect place to do the operation. People who read the French sentence correctly were given Michel et Augustin cookies.

Is it the first time that you work with Michel et Augustin? What are your other operations?

We as a company have worked with the brand in the past creating buzz operations. But, for me this is the first time to create and execute the campaign them. My other operations are with LANVIN, Abraj constructions, AWICHA (Peru), World Council of Peoples for United Nations (WCPUN), etc.



 It looks like great fun! Have we got the chance to assess at a video to see the event in New York City?
Absolutely, we do operations to create online buzz videos and they can be accessed through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and also through our website (



Camille Blache