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Street Marketing™ - METHOD 1 Street Marketing™
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Are you facing increasing competition? Don’t wait any longer to stand out.

Stop distributing flyers and leaflets, use impactful and disruptive means of communication.


Indeed, facing:

  • a consumer exposed to more than 3,000 brands a day!
  • the arrival of new technological tools (AI, VR headset, Snapchat, Robots …)
  • the rise of new generations (Y, Z)
  • the boom of the third and fourth industrial revolutions

The professionals of the agency STREET MARKETING™ accompany you in innovative communication mechanisms with the street as a starting point.

We study your company in order to offer you new communication mechanisms. We realize these ideas and relay them on digital platforms to maximize the visibility of your company and increase traffic in your physical or digital shops.

The proximity, the listening and the surprising ideas of the agency Street marketing™ will allow you to adapt to this new environment.

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Street Marketing™ - METHOD 3 Street Marketing™
Street Marketing™ - METHOD 4 Street Marketing™


With a team of audit experts from all around the world, we study and analyze communication around:

  • Your positioning
  • Your target(s)
  • Your previous and current campaigns
  • Your DNA
  • Your potential turnover

In parallel, we carry out an analysis on your competitors, a complete benchmarking and optionally, a psychoanalysis of your brand. After 5 days of work we present our strategic recommendations.


We carry out creativity sessions with our creative team:

  • 600 to 1000 ideas per brand come out of these interviews: you can see them!
  • 2 scientific filtering process (11 filters to select the idea that will allow your brand to go around the world)
  • 20 mechanics of street and buzz created ex nihilo and never done before
  • 1 idea selected in design thinking

At this stage, we move from a creative idea to the birth of an innovative concept including:

  • 1 tracking mechanics linking street operations to sales
  • 1 storytelling aided by different street and print media
  • Video proposals to create the buzz
  • We finish with the writing of a 40-page specification containing all the details of the concept
Street Marketing™ - METHOD 5 Street Marketing™


Before carrying out the communication operation, we develop all of the necessary means to optimize action:

  • Test of the customization of street furniture
  • Casting animators
  • Training of animators
  • Location tracking
  • Search and request for legal authorizations
  • Editing legal files with our three law firms
  • Situation in the field and operation in white
  • Test of the mechanics of the concept of the street up to digital
  • Daily follow-up and report
Street Marketing™ - METHOD 10 Street Marketing™
Street Marketing™ - METHOD 11 Street Marketing™

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